Student Background Checks &
Immunization Tracking System

Welcome to Western Governors University's Complio Website
Complio is an online system for tracking immunizations and other requirements. The Complio process is simple and straightforward with just five basic steps to complete. The process should take less than 20 minutes.

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Step 1: Create your Account & Subscribe
Click Create an Account to get started. Complio will send an email to the address used during account creation. Click on the Activation Link within the message.

Step 2: Select A Screening Package
Login in and follow Create Order. Follow the prompts and answer the questions. Select a screening Package.

Step 3: Enter Information
Enter the Personal Information required to complete your screening. Add your Residential History.

Step 4: Sign Forms
Use your mouse to sign the Disclosure & Authorization Form and authorize the background check.

Step 5: Submit Payment
Enter Payment Details. Please read our Refund Policy. Submit your order. American DataBank will immediately begin processing your background check.

Additional Information

  • Drug Screen – For Pre-Licensure Nursing Only
    After completing the on-line ordering process, American DataBank will mail you a Chain of Custody form, which should arrive with 5-7 Business Days. Please visit the Drug Screen Information page for further instructions.
  • Florida AHCA Fingerprinting – For Pre-Licensure Nursing
    (In Florida) Only

    After completing the on-line ordering process, you will receive an instructional email with directions on completing this step. Results will be made available to your clinical location only. Please visit the Florida AHCA Fingerprinting page for further instructions.

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